Rachmaninoff Music Academy

Valentina Playing The Organ 
and Piano at St. Mark's Church
The video below shows both the exterior and interior of St. Mark's Anglican Church. St. Mark's like other denominational churches acts as host to one of Rachmaninoff Music Academy's  Studios. It is through the goodwill of these churches that the work we carry-on for the benefit of the community can occur. In the case of St. Mark's, it is also home to the summer music festival known as Music Niagara.
For you history buffs, St. Mark's was the only surviving structure following the torching of the town by the retreating American troops on December 10, 1813. But as a tit-for-tat, the British set fire to Washington destroying the White House occupied by James and Dolley Madison on August 24th, 1814. This year and next we celebrate 200 years of peace between our two nations.
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