Rachmaninoff Music Academy

Testimonials and Interviews
Jean Baker is a former teacher and real estate agent. She was also a regular contributor to Classical Music Magazine. She is currently a student of Rachmaninoff Music Academy and we are delighted to have her. 

Like so many of our students, Jean has always used music to bring joy into her life. She is the longest serving choir member at St. Mark's Anglican Church and she has volunteered to help with the upcoming recitals to be performed at the Upper Canada Extended Care Lodge.

Jean is an inspiration to everyone around her and we hope you enjoy this video and the related videos dealing with her "Road to Success". 
Jim Rose is retired and like many of our students is a cancer survivor. He originally took up piano when he was 14 years old and after six months gave it up for the next 25 years at which time he tried lessons for another full year.

An avid fan of music and the piano, Jim learned to play by ear and has always had a piano in his home. Now that Jim has more time on his hands, he is anxious to learn to play properly and we welcome him as our student. 

You can follow Jim's progress by viewing the related videos dealing with his "Road to Success".
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