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Ragtime - The Story Behind The Video
Recently an articles appeared in the local newspaper announcing that the Shaw Festival would be conduction a ragtime piano contest with the winner performing at the opening of Ragtime - the Musical. Valentina approached her students to see if any of them were interested in submitting an audition video but due to upcoming exams and other commitments, none took up the challenge. 

Valentina then decided that this would be a great opportunity to show her students a lesson in commitment - whether it be a commitment towards a goal, a job, one's school or just to enjoying what life has to offer.
Valentina had never played jazz or ragtime and there were only 8 days remaining before the deadline for submission of an audition video.  Valentine then set about to memorize and play The Entertainer over the remaining  8 days knowing she also needed time to film her performance and to load it onto YouTube.  The video you now see is the result of this effort. Of course, other submissions were more polished and fluid as the other performers had been playing ragtime and jazz for many years.  The reward was that Valentina's students followed her progress almost daily and learned that anything is possible if you are committed.

At Rachmaninoff Music Academy you can experience this commitment every day and know that you are receiving the best music instruction available. For further information please go to our contact page.
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