Rachmaninoff Music Academy

Our Junior Students
The goal of our Junior Students is to obtain Grades 1 - 10 in five years rather then ten. This will allow them to engage in other extra curricular activities once they get to high-school. They may or may not have a piano at home but because of our unique ability to source quality pianos, we are often able to place a piano in the student's home at no cost to the parents. In additional, the cost of the student's music lessons can likely be reduced by over $1,200.00 per year compared to other music studios. Please contact us for further information.
​Our Senior Students
Our senior students range in age from 16 to 90 years old. They typically have played piano at one time in their life but now wish to regain and improve on their previous skill level.  Some may want to enter the music industry while others may want to obtain their ARCT designation to help gain acceptance at an appropriate college or university.

Please refer to the Benefits page for further information on the value of music lessons.
Rachmaninoff playing Prelude in C Sharp Minor - Moscow Bells
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