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Dare to Compare
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During a recent discussion with a faculty member of Glenn Gould School we got into one of our normal debates about the performance level of their students versus ours at Rachmaninoff Music Academy. There is no question that Glenn Gould School has some of the best, if not the best, next generation of performer in the world. That having been said, on a side-by-side comparison are they really that much better? You be the judge.

From Rachmaninoff Music Academy we have featured Fiona and Helen Lin and from Glenn Gould we have selected Tony (Yike) Yang and Coco Ma. The latter two are undoubtedly the best that Canada has to offer. Fiona and Helen Lin are average teenagers who practice less than 10% of the time of a Glenn Gould student and participate in less than 10% of the public performances a Glenn Gould student would participate.

All of our junior students have active teenage lives and are involved in many of their school's extra circular activities. Many of these activities are dangerous for their hands, but is the concern worth it if your child is never going to be a concert pianist? Helen wants to be a doctor and Fiona wants to be a designer.

Judge for yourself which school or academy you would like your child to attend.
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