Rachmaninoff Music Academy

Benefits - Junior Students
For our junior students, the primary benefit is that we can move your child through Grades 1 to 10 in five years instead of ten.

For you the parent, this means we can reduce the cost of your child's music lessons by over $1,200.00 per year compared to the cost of most other music studios.
Benefits - Senior Students

Our senior students benefit from improved dexterity and hopefully a delay in the onset of arthritis.

We often assist stroke victims and help them regain mobility in their hands and arms.

Many senior students also benefit from improved brain function which is known to delay the onset of dementia and other mental disorders.

At Rachmaninoff Music Academy we create an environment of self-worth for the elderly where they can learn to participate in the cultural activities of the community, not only as an observer but as a participant through concerts and events which we promote on an ongoing basis.
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